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Lifting sanitary measures

On July 11, 2022, the sanitary measure of mandatory use of masks in open and closed spaces was eliminated throughout the territory of the Republic of Panama, with the exception of: public and private health facilities, persons engaged in the handling and sale of food; and public transport of passengers, collective and selective.

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Personal Data Protection

Our Political Constitution, aligned with international patterns, served as the basis for the enactment of Law 81 of March 26, 2019, regulated by Executive Decree 285 of May 28, 2021, which together constitute the general legal framework for the protection of Personal Data in Panama…

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Medicinal use of Cannabis

On September 1, 2022, Executive Decree No. 121 was issued, with the purpose of creating the regulatory framework that allows the supervised and controlled use and access of cannabis and its derivatives, for therapeutic, medical, veterinary, scientific and research purposes throughout the Republic of Panama, and at the same time prohibits the sale of medicinal cannabis door to door or by internet. 

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