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We are committed to meet the administrative and corporate needs of our clients and provide personalized services that distinguishes us from our competitors.

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Business Address

This business address service has been designed to protect your corporate image. We provide a physical address, a local phone and e-mail which can be used in all your printed material. As an optional service and by signing a separate agreement, you can include the name of your company in the Business Directory at our offices.

Local Phone Number

This service consists in providing presence and personalized attention to the clients, assigning an exclusive telephone line which is answered with a corporative greeting and name of your company. The service includes the business address as an added value.

Secretarial Services

Our secretarial services includes receiving telephone calls, e-mails or letters, relaying messages, preparation of letters, memos, file management, special reports, and any other general office duty.

Post Office and Relay Box

We provide a post office box to be used in your stationary or contact address to receive the correspondence that for any reason you do not want to receive in your physical address. The Correspondence received will be forwarded according to your specific instructions.

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Corporate Formation

Our efforts do not end in providing specialized administrative services. For your convenience, we have included the formation of companies in the more recognized jurisdictions such as: Panama, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Bahamas, Belize, Cayman Islands, and Nevis, among others.

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Panama Corporations

Panama was the first country in the region to enact modern legislation that would allow the formation of "offshore" companies for purposes of asset protection and tax planning. 

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British Virgin Islands (BVI) Corporations

BVI corporations are one of the most traditional in the international market, due to their administrative simplicity.

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Belize Corporations

The laws of Belize are a guarantee for commercial confidentiality. Therefore an International Business Corporation (IBC) in Belize is the ideal corporate vehicle for international financial transactions.

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Bahamas Corporations

The Bahamas is one of the most developed financial centers, with more than 350 banks and management companies that are subsidiaries of many international firms.

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Cayman Islands Corporations

The Cayman Islands is a jurisdiction favorable for investment funds and financial services. It is one of the leading financial centers in the world, being the financial sector the main source of income of the country.

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Nevis Corporations

The Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance, of 1984 and its amendments, offer many advantages allowing it to compete with other international business centers.

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Delaware Corporations

Delaware LLCs have the best characteristics of partnerships and corporations as there are a great option for investors who want to formalize their businesses and gain credibility.

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Hong Kong Corporations

Hong Kong is a jurisdiction that is considered one of the best financial centers in the world that is extremely attractive for investors and for those seeking to establish a company in a multicultural city.

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Seychelles Corporations

International Business Companies (IBCs) are the most prevalent and versatile type of offshore entity available in Seychelles and are widely used in international business.

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